Here is a basic tutorial for those who want to know how to play Texas Hold Em

Out of the several poker variations today, Texas Hold Em probably is the most popular. Here is a tutorial so you'll know how to play Texas Hold Em and experience the fun it brings.

At the start of the game, each player will have two hole cards; there will be three rounds for the community cards. These will be dealt facing upwards for players to use. Bets will be placed after every round. The winner is the one who holds the best hand - a five-card hand that is a combination of two hole cards and community cards. Every new hand starts with a little blind, a large blind and one round of wagering. Wagering rules will depend if the match is no limit, pot limit or limit. As soon as the initial betting round is done, the dealer will take out three community cards, also called "flop." Another round of betting follows next. The fourth community card, otherwise called the turn, will then be put out by the dealer. Players will then place another bet. After bets have been made, the dealer will take out the fifth community card, which is called the river. The last round of betting follows thereafter.

Once the final wagering round is done, the software would now give the pot to the player with the best hand. In knowing how to play Texas Hold Em, you should also know that the game always has a big blind and a small blind. These are compulsory wagers; they are determined through the button's position. These wagers are considered live; and all players must raise, fold or call the large blind. Around the table, the button shifts clockwise. This way, every player gets to be the big blind, small blind and button.

In the Limit Hold Em, the wagering rounds have fixed amounts. The initial two rounds increase by $5, while the last two increase by $10. Meanwhile, Pot Limit Hold Em gives the player the freedom to put in any amount as long as it is the minimum wager size. In No Limit, players can bet as much as they want. Lastly, the blinds go up after timed gaps in Tournament Hold Em. Although in general Texas Hold Em doesn't have antes, later rounds in Tournament Hold Em will have antes depending on the increasing wagering limits.

And this is how to play Texas Hold Em.