Statistic Management in Craps Strategy

One of the liveliest casino activities of them all can easily be found online, as Microgaming has released their own online craps tables. In this version, the gaming is just as exciting as its live counterpart. Wagers can be made on just about anything, and can be as low as $1.00, and as high as $100.00, with payouts between 1x and 30x, depending on the type of wager - naturally, the riskier bets tend to pay off better when they turn out to be correct. Players can place odd bets even after the dealer establishes the point, and buy and lay bets are paid out at true odds (with a 5% commission taken off).

Comparison with Playtech

By comparison, the Playtech version of the same game appeals in a slightly different fashion. For one thing, the graphics in this software are often considered to be better, however the odds are fixed at 3x, rather than fluctuating quite as much. While they share the $1.00 minimum bet, the highest allowed amount to wager varies. They also offer 1c and 10c chips, which are useful for keeping winnings from being rounded down. In summary, while Playtech offers decent graphics and allows for potentially larger wagers, Microgaming craps features better maximum payouts and has a stronger array of features.

Sharing Your Opinion

After finishing playing a few rounds of Microgaming craps as a free play game on this page - no download required! - feel free to share your user experience with your comments and rate your experience appropriately.