How to Avoid the Worst Bets You Can Make

By now, you've probably taken the time to figure out how to go about making money while gambling. You've probably gotten plenty of advice, both online and off, regarding what you should do if you want to win big. What you probably haven't covered, though, are the worst bets you can make in casinos. It's just as important that you understand what you should avoid if you want to be successful.

The worst bet you can make in absolutely any sense and in any scenario is the one that is going to give the house the best advantage. For instance, if you're playing baccarat and you bet on the tie, then the dealer is going to smile at you and probably like you just a little bit more. Why? That particular wager has a house edge of greater than 14% whereas the other two choices have 1.06% and 1.24% edges, respectively.

Another prime example comes with roulette. Those who are new to gambling will often walk up to the table and plop a chip on their "lucky number". The casino knows it's going to get that money; after all, the odds of winning a straight bet might as well be zero. A much better choice is to put that chip on red or black and hope that you have guessed correctly!

Finally, when it comes to slots which are the most popular options in any venue, the ones with the progressive jackpots are best avoided. This is because the payout scale has likely been adjusted to compensate for the million dollar prize pools, and unless you are lucky enough to win (and you're more likely to get struck by lightning), you aren't going to turn a profit. It's just that simple.

When you learn to avoid the worst bets you can make in casinos, then you've also learned something about the best. Keep all of this information whenever you visit Silveroak Casino, and you're sure to walk away a winner. In fact, they'll even give you a nice welcome bonus to get you started. What are you waiting for?