How to Play Baccarat

Baccarat is casino game that is full of simple yet strict rules. Players who understand these rules as fully as possible are more likely to walk away winners than players who may be unsure.

The Goal

The goal of baccarat is to obtain a hand of eight or nine points or as close to this as possible. In order to do this, the dealer hands each player two cards, and the value of those two cards is added together. If the two cards equal eight or nine cards or is a natural the winner is declared and the game is over. If none of the players have a natural, some players may be required to draw a third card in order to determine the winner. Scores that run into double digits require the first digit to be dropped; only the second digit counts as the score.

The Bets

There are three bets for players to choose from; they may bet on the banker, the player or the tie. The banker bet is said to have the best odds for the player, but it only pays out even money. The same goes for the player bet; there is even money payout but the odds are slightly lower. The tie bet is the most difficult to win and should be avoided in most scenarios. This bet only pays out if the player and the banker have the same point total at the end of the round. Betting minimums and maximums vary greatly depending on the actual casino.

Many people from all walks of life enjoy playing baccarat on a regular basis. Players who are armed with the right information often fare much better than novice players who jump headlong into the game. If you're looking to play baccarat online, we recommend Silver Oak Casino - they offer several different Silver Oak bonus codes to use on different games, reload bonuses, and other promotions.